Zika virus in the Americas: early epidemiological and genetic findings

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I’ve attached here our manuscript reporting initial findings on the ZIKV outbreak in the Americas. Hope to fix minor errors/typos in another upload early next week. Three genomes aren’t yet available on GenBank, so I’ve added those as well.

Please bear in mind that the work has not been peer-reviewed and the manuscript may change in the future. The manuscript has been uploaded for the benefit of researchers working on ZIKV. I would prefer that it is not reported upon until it has been peer-reviewed.

Thanks to Xavier de Lamballerie and John Lednicky for letting us include their public but unpublished genomes.

Oliver, on behalf of Nuno, Marcio, Pedro and the rest of the team.

Link to the published paper: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2016/03/23/science.aaf5036

Fantastic work all!

Here’s the NYT coverage as well - great work guys! (although, not according to a certain Peter ;-).