Release - Six EBOV genomes from Sierra Leone

We wish to share 6 EBOV Makona genomes obtained at the Virology Lab, National Institute for Infectious Diseases “L. Spallanzani”, Rome: Goderich1, Goderich2, Goderich3, Goderich4, INMI1 and INMI2. Viral RNA was extracted from plasma, and sequenced using Sanger technology. The sequences are available at:
We also computed a phylogenetic analysis, using MrBayes v3.2.5 (using GTR-GAMMA substitution model and 10million generations). We selected some previously published sequences, representative of all sub-lineages of Sierra Leone Clade 3 (SL3), as reported by Tong et al (Nature, 2015 Aug 26).
It is interesting to underline that Goderich1, Goderich3 and Goderich4 genomes belong to the so called “fishermen clade” ( ) or “Rosanda’s Ebola outbreak” ( ), and that this clade seems to form a new, different branch that start from 2.4 SL sub-lineage. Moreover, we identified 3 non-synonymous mutation that characterize this particular branch: one in NP (c1958t:P497S) and two in GP (a7267t:R410S and a7352g:K439E).
Please feel free to download, share, use, and analyze this data. If you intend to use these sequences for publication, please contact us directly. If you are interested in joining our collaboration - or if you have any other questions - then please also contact us directly.