Missed ORFs in nCoV?

Anyone notice two ‘accessory’ ORFs not annotated in nCoV? Orf13 (aka 9b) (28284:28577) and Orf14 (28734:28955) . One is ~ 70% ID and other ~ 90% to syntenous ORFs in BAT SARS 2017 ?

We used evolutionary signatures to determine that ORF14 has not been under protein-coding constraint in Sarbecovirus and is unlikely to produce a functional protein, but ORF9b has ambiguous evolutionary signal. More here: https://virological.org/t/sarbecovirus-comparative-genomics-elucidates-gene-content-of-sars-cov-2-and-functional-impact-of-covid-19-pandemic-mutations/509